A formula for mentorship

I’ve been coming across formulas for mentorship and “wise” parenting in books I’ve been reading over the past few months (Grit, Mindset, The Power of Moments).

My go to is the one from “The Power of Moments.” Great mentorship = Trust + High expectations + Direction + Support.

Trust is the first step because it is the foundation of any relationship. You can’t shortcut trust. Knowing and understanding a person are pre-requisites for trust.

High expectations is the easy part. However, it doesn’t work as often or as well if you are thrown into the deep sea without any direction.

Support is what is assured when things don’t work. Support feeds right back into trust.

The powerful part about understanding these elements is that great mentorship need not come from conventional mentor-mentee or parent-child relationships. Once you know what you want to learn from each other, friendships and teammate relationships can be (and often are) mentorship relationships.