Strong judgments

I’ve found a strong inverse correlation between my self awareness and my propensity to pass strong judgments.

I think that is because self awareness brings our own fallibility to light. I realize, now more than ever, that morality and the concept of “right” and “wrong” are relative, subjective and driven by circumstance.

My learning from all of this has been to strive to be clear about what matters to me and to do my best to live in a manner that is consistent with what I care about. And, to choose to be a light, not a judge.

The beauty about choosing to be a light is that you proactively spend your energy on things you control. When I see behavior that doesn’t work with what I believe in, I’ve found it simpler and better to say “That doesn’t work for me” and turn away. Life’s too short to be passing strong judgments – especially when I’m far from perfect myself.

I’d rather focus my limited energies on plugging away to become a better version of myself. Here’s to that.