Mudbloods and Pure Bloods

Harry Potter caught on in India as I was in my eight grade. I still love those books. I have both digital and physical copies and still think of them as my ultimate source of comfort reading. If you’ve read the books, terms like mudbloods and pure bloods have powerful connotations.

When I think of the wisest books I’ve read, I don’t generally look past the Covey/7 Habits. These days, however, I’m reconsidering my stack rank a fair bit in favor of J K Rowling.  When I see all the commentary around immigration in the US, some of which affects my day-to-day, I think J K Rowling was really onto something when she taught us about mudbloods and pure bloods.

I think I understand what it means to be a mudblood – now more than ever.

Maybe JKR was preparing me for life?