The Invisalign change model

I’ve been wearing Invisalign braces over the past few months. Now that I am ~25% of the way, I was reflecting on the Invisalign change process. Its tenets are as follows –

  1. Have a clear long term goal for change. In this case, aligned teeth in 12-14 months.
  2. Aim to drive change with constant pressure over a sustained period of time. We get to aligned teeth by wearing braces ~22 hours a day for about 12-14 months.
  3. Focus on small, measurable changes, every 2 weeks. Braces are changed every 2 weeks and every new brace focuses on making progress on a few teeth at a time
  4. Check in on progress regularly. There’s a clear plan for the progress to be made bi-weekly and the sensors on the braces enable tracking to ensure this progress is being made. Every 3-4 months, we do a full mapping of the teeth to make sure every detail is monitored and on track.

It’ll be another 10 or so months before I can report on the outcome of the process. But, the process sure seems to be one that we can all learn a ton from in our own change projects.