3 recommendations – Unsplash, Exponential view and Recommendo

3 recommendations –

  1. If you’re ever trying to find a beautiful free image, check out Unsplash. These are photos gifted by “the world’s most generous community of photographers.” They are gorgeous. I use these images as I share daily blog posts and I’m thankful for them everyday.N
  2. Azeem Azhar sends The Exponential View to around 20,000 readers every week. He curates interesting links about the future – on topics like artificial intelligence, the blockchain, electric vehicles, etc. He is a wonderful curator.
  3. If you’re in the market for a great wireless mouse, this ~$10 buy from “VicTsing” has been excellent so far. If you like small recommendations like this that might improve your life, Kevin Kelly and team send a newsletter called Recommendo with 6 recommendations every Sunday. It is worth a 45 second skim – you might just find something useful. For instance, I heard about Unsplash from Recommendo.

Thank you to all these folks for their effort and generosity. It makes a difference.

Happy mid-week!