Time with trees

Trees never cease to inspire me.

They add so much to the landscape around them. They can be approachable, beautiful and majestic all at once. They outdo themselves in the value they add to us with shade, fruits, fresh oxygen and wood.

And, beauty and utility aside, there’s so much a tree stands for in our lives. There are many great metaphors around what the combination of roots, trunks and leaves stand for. And, rightly so. Trees beautifully demonstrate the greatness of this planet and of nature. They encapsulate the power of impact without needing to make a sound.

As a human waster who wastes so much and gives so little in the grand scheme of things, trees are reminders of how much we have to do to leave this planet a little better than we found it.

We are the average of the 5 living beings we spend time with. Today, I plan to spend time with trees and be inspired by them.

I hope you consider doing that too.

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