Think big, act small, and plug away

“Think big, act small and plug away” is the thoughtful doer’s credo.

We need big thinking – now more than ever. The big issues – the effects of climate change, the effect of robots on the future of work – aren’t going away anytime soon. There’s an unprecedented urgency for us to believe in our ability to come together as humans and to care.

But, there’s also little point in spending all our time worrying about things we don’t control. Instead, we must keep acting small, focusing on what we control, making it count and earning our right to influence things on a larger scale.

Along the way, we’ll have good days and bad days. It is hard to tell which is which in the moment. So, it is in our interest to not care about which is which and, instead, keep plugging away.

So, if we’re feeling stuck, disheartened or in doubt, let’s remember to go back to the credo – think big, act small and plug away.

Done consistently, it is how things of value get built.