Finding cousins – The DNA journey

Danish travel site “Momondo” teamed up with a DNA testing service “AncestryDNA” focusing on a group of 67 diverse people who all were very patriotic and had strong views about their heritage and of other countries and cultures.

The video is 5:16 long. I will still be here once you are done watching it.

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There is a beautiful moment at the end when one of the participants is told that she actually has a cousin in the audience.

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There are a couple of messages that make the video powerful. First, it seeks to make a point that there would no such thing as extremism if people really knew their heritage. After all, every one of us has more cousins than we know. It then drives home the idea that an open world begins with an open mind. It beautifully illustrates that you have more in common with others in the world than you think. That is so true.

I have been away from home for 10 years now. I have found family in most of these places who share similar values and aspirations. We just have to make the effort. Humans in the hunter gatherer era needed to form groups in “we’re better than you” contests for survival. We are still stuck with that natural reaction (why else do we like following sports teams as much?) – even though we will be better served collaborating rather than competing for resources. There’s plenty out here for all of us. And, if it isn’t out here yet, there’s plenty among us who can invent ways for us to get will be necessary. The nature of politics, however, is to divide and conquer. And, we are at a time when there is a massive amount of hate and xenophobia.

As this video shows, we are more similar than we think. It is up to us to accept it and act like it.

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  1. WOW what a beautiful post, thank you for sharing and thanks to @gothamgal who lead me to your post! I was away from home for 16 years, I learnt a great deal living on many different continents but mostly I learnt that we are all the same. The quantities might differ but the same types of people and groups exist in each country and culture. It’s terrifying to see how much emphasis is being put on the them and us war. Just loved these video’s and the whole idea of DNA tests, agree with one of the participants, it should be compulsory. Thanks Rohan

    1. So glad it resonated, Tanya.

      Just checked out your blog and the “about” phase. Very powerful – thank you for sharing your story. I am very glad you overcame it the way you did.

      1. Thank you Rohan. I shall be reading your blog more often, look forward to you sharing more of what you are learning in your journey away from “home”

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