Brevity isn’t all that important

The smartphone obsessed reader would have you believe that brevity is what defines good writing. More than a paragraph? You must really suck as a writer. One scroll is all the attention a reader will give you before they move to the next thing.

Here are five things I’d take over brevity –

1. Useful
2. Inspiring
3. Thoughtful
4. Memorable
5. Clear

Brevity matters, sure. I’d love for what is written to be as short as possible. However, if it means becoming less thoughtful or less useful, I’d prefer the long version – thank you very much.

Inspired by David Heinemeier Hansson’s excellent post – “Simple just isn’t that important.”

One thought on “Brevity isn’t all that important”

  1. Couldn’t agree more Rohan. Does the smartphone obsessed reader really want to read something inspiring or thoughtful, something that makes you reconsider your own opinion on a way of thinking or doing? I’d say not, and I think too many writers get sucked into pandering to the masses, the thousands of readers sharing the same old ‘top ten’ and ‘seven steps’ articles that contain little substance and simply regurgitated ideas. It’s difficult not to get sucked into the vanity metrics of shares and likes, but I think when you ignore them, you give yourself a chance of writing something interesting and meaningful.

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