Keeping a To do Archives file

I’ve used Microsoft OneNote as my “to do” list tool for 8 or so years now. Over time, it has become more of a life organization tool and has records of my thoughts on nearly every project I’ve worked on in the past few years. However, I use it most to list and work through key priorities and tasks – so, it is a nearly always open on my laptop.

Two years ago, instead of deleting my list of tasks once I was done for the day, I began transferring it to another OneNote file I call “To do Archives.” This “To do Archives” file has a daily chronological list of all tasks I’ve completed in the past two years.

I think I started doing this because I thought I might find it useful. I’ve probably checked in once a while for specific purposes – more so at the identical OneNote file at work. But, the real benefit of doing this has been something intangible – every time I start the day and transfer a few of the morning routine items to this list, I see this vast repository of tasks and feel a sense of positive momentum. “I’ve gotten so much done all these days. Why should this day be any different?”

And, indeed, why should it?

Momentum is a beautiful thing.

Todoarchives2(Example archives from last week – with names removed)