What do I need to believe for this to be true

Clay Christensen boiled the art of providing recommendations about the future to one very insightful question – “What do I need to believe for this to be true?”

I was working through an interesting problem recently and was trying to understand why I was convinced solution A was the best solution given the context. Bringing it back to this question led me to identify the two key assumptions that I needed to believe for this to be true. We, then, wrote those assumptions down so those who might struggle with the same questions in future years could revisit the assumptions and check if the context still held true.

Listening to your gut/intuition is an important decision making tool as your intuition often sees patterns before your conscious mind can process it. However, if you want to continue learning from the decisions you make, it helps taking a few moments to ask yourself – “What do I need to believe for this to be true?” The moment you put down those assumptions, you create a ready-made decision making process – both for yourself and others.

what do I need to believe, assumptions