Opportunity is manufactured – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Things a Little Bird Told Me by Biz Stone.

When 11 year old Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) wanted to join a sports team at school, he hit upon a problem. He had spent the last 4 years as a part of a boy rangers organization and was far behind his class on sports like baseball and football. He barely understood the rules. But, he really wanted to play in a sports team and expand his circle of friends.

So, he hit upon an idea – if he could find a sport no one else in the class had played, he wouldn’t be the newbie anymore. After a bit of research, he found lacrosse and asked the school if they’d permit a lacrosse team if he found interested boys and a coach. Voila! Problem solved. Biz turned out to be a decent lacrosse player and ended up having a great set of friends.

The lesson from this for Biz? The world conditions us to believe that opportunity comes from a perfectly aligned set of circumstances. But, in truth, we can go out and create those circumstances. Opportunity can be manufactured.

Opportunity manufacturedSource and thanks to: www.EBSketchin.com

‘If you make the opportunity. you’ll be the first in the position to take advantage of it.’ | Biz Stone