Does it need to get done?

We were in the midst of a difficult crisis project. A massive amount of work needed to get done in limited time. We faced a wide variety of reactions as we worked with our client to get the work done.

As is generally the case, a few folks rose to the occasion. And, one of them became my absolute inspiration for doing difficult work.

When faced with a list of things that needed to be done, this wise friend would generally ask – “Does it need to get done?” And, when the answer was yes, she’d just say – “Well, let’s just suck it up and get it done.” And she would just get on with it. No frills, no fuss.

Her response was often in complete contrast to situation. But, that’s exactly what we needed. There was no time to sit down and make sure we felt good about what needed to be done. Things just needed to get done.. and they needed to get done now.

Difficult work isn’t done because it feels great. In fact, you’re often doing it when the cause seems hopeless.

Difficult work is done because people who realize it needs to get done just get on with it and do it.