The Poop process

I think our body’s poop process is awesome. I know we have an aversion to talking about or thinking about poop. Allow me to explain.

Let’s think about the process for a second – we ingest a lot of material during the day. The body takes it in, makes the best out of the mixture of good and crap we normally eat, and then kicks out the crap. It is an incredible process – one without which it would be impossible to stay in good health.

The big question for us is – what is our mental poop process? Our minds aren’t different – we ingest a mixture of good and crap information/ideas/opinions/thoughts every day. Unlike with food, it is completely up to us to design a process which allows us to filter what works for us and what doesn’t. Some do it with quiet walks or bike rides, others do it with meditation, and some weirdos do it by writing a blog post on what they learnt every day.

The fact remains that a mental poop process is helpful and goes a long way in helping us stay mentally healthy. And, it is up to us to design one.