The ideas-only-in-the-shower flag

The shower has been shown to be a real productivity zone. Shower time tends to be ideas time for many of us. That’s great.

It is also a useful flag / trouble indicator. If you are only having ideas in the shower, it means you aren’t creating enough time for stillness during the day. And, no stillness => no time to think and reflect => no learning => no growth.

An experience is only as great as the memories it leaves you with and as the growth it inspires. And you are short-changing yourself if you are getting through the experience that is this life without giving yourself time to reflect and learn. Learning is not experiencing a crisis situation or sitting in a class. It happens when you reflect on that crisis situation or on what you learnt from that class.

So, enjoy the reflection time in the shower. Put in a waterproof board, if you will, to take ideas down. But, if it is the only time in the day you’re thinking, invest more time in the day for thinking and learning. Take a walk without your headphones, go for a run without listening to music, or just stare into the ceiling. If that means doing less during the day, so be it.

Better to do less… but better.