When it Rains, it Pours

The day you face a seemingly disastrous rejection is the day you whack your foot against a protruding bar of steel. Hurting, you move on to your next meeting where you are offered some tea. In an attempt to ease your worries, you take a big gulp of the tea. Ouch! You just burnt your tongue. It feels scalded the rest of your day. You carry on waiting for the day to end, but the next isn’t too much better.

Your foot still hurts and everything tastes funny on your scalded tongue. The situation doesn’t seem to have changed overnight. And, you don’t even look outside the window because you don’t notice the sun.

It doesn’t feel like it’s getting better.. until it does.

And then, the world feels light again. Your tongue and feet are just fine. So fine that you don’t even feel their presence. Life is good. In fact, a whole bunch of other things seem to have fixed themselves. “Hunky dory” is how you would describe it.

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, try and rest easy. When it rains, it pours. Embrace the pain when you go through crap and enjoy the feeling of joy when things are good. With each experience, we are meant to learn something. And, armed with each learning, we are meant to attempt to scale higher peaks (note: attempt is the key word).

The valleys are just part and parcel of the journey. The triumph is not in the end, but in the journey.

And before you over react, just remember that you don’t really know if a good day is a good day. Give it time.