Update the new year wish

It’s new year’s season and wishes such as – “May this year bring you success, wealth, joy and happiness” etc.

Here’s a thought – why don’t we all update our new year wish, just a little bit? Do we really just hope the year will bring “success”, “wealth” etc. What about disappointments, frustrations and all those things we grow through? We might argue that they will happen anyway – why mention the bad/negative stuff?

But, is it really “bad stuff”? Would we know joy without pain? Would we enjoy success without many disappointments?

Last year, I had the fortune to receive a wonderful new year wish that I’ve mentioned before –

‘May your life continue to engage, fascinate, frustrate, challenge and reward you as you grow as a person and as a professional.’

I thought of it many times during the year, especially when I felt frustrated and needed a pep up. It reminded me that the great stuff was bound to follow..

So, on that note, I wish you a wonderful new year – a year of curiosity, fascination, hard work, painful practice, significant achievements, meaningful learnings and love..

(This is v1.0 of the wish. To be improved. Suggestions welcome.)