“I am not learning anything.”

Of course you are. You just haven’t taken time to reflect.

If everything we do in life is an “event”, the preparation exists to ensure that the event goes well. The event is where we execute. And, it’s in the reflection that we glean the learnings.

This “event” could be absolutely anything – a serious presentation, a project, a task or even a movie. As long as you have engaged in an activity, it is very likely (>90%) you have learnt something from it. Life doesn’t hand the learnings on a platter though. It just requires us to take some time to reflect.

(As a result, it is possible to just move from “event” to “event” without learning anything i.e. “monotony”/”drudgery” of professional lives as described by many.)

So, the next time you feel you aren’t learning anything, set aside some time for reflection . That’s where the magic lies.