Inspiring folk waiting to meet you..

Networking is a flawed concept. If we really want to leverage people, it’s got to be thanks to deep relationships. And building deep relationships requires both time and fit. If we are getting to know people just because it’s useful for us to get to know someone, that’s neither deep nor sustainable.

But, that’s how networking is done. Go to a big get together, hand out business cards hoping that something clicks. It’s pretty desperate, but we didn’t have any better way..

The internet has, of course, exposed the flaws of this approach. We don’t need the random hit approach anymore. There are many inspiring folk who have significant online presences – a blog, an active twitter feed etc.

I realize this as I reach out to people I have never met for Real Leader interviews. Thanks to the internet, we suddenly have the means to build relationships with some truly wonderful people. Of course, like all good things, it takes a bit of work. But it’s more possible than ever before. My experience with a whole bunch of relationships built almost entirely online is the depth of trust in these relationships. I realized that last weekend when I met a reader of this blog in person, at home, for a couple of hours to review her resume.

There are so many inspiring folk all over the world waiting to meet you. You just have to reach out.

Now if that isn’t an inspiring thought..