When Heathrow Express redeemed themselves..

I wrote about when the Heathrow Express disappointed me. It’s only fair I write about when they redeemed themselves.

I asked an official if there was time to buy a ticket yesterday morning. He told me not to worry and just get in. He managed to get another family in as well. As soon as we got in, he got us tickets with a big smile on his face. No extra charges – the norm is that you pay 5 pounds extra if you buy tickets on the train. He went out of the way.

2 observations

1. People working in companies often forget that companies are just a collection of individuals. What you do really does make a different, no matter how far removed you are from the customer. There’s probably a customer somewhere “feeling” the dedication and care you have put in.

2. This friend had to go against company policy (not charge us 5 pounds) to do something a normal human being should do. That’s telling, isn’t it?