How You Make People Feel

Seth Godin had a fantastic post yesterday about the only purpose of customer service. He states a point that companies often forget – customer service is all about the “feeling” customers walk away with. If you screw up on that regard, your customer service is a failure.

I was thinking about feelings the other day in context to people. There are times when you meet some impressive people who seem to do all the right things but leave you feeling something is amiss. They behave well, they follow up, (all those things that would be part of the human behaviour rule book) and yet, you’re not sure if you’d like to go down and share a coffee with them.

I tend to be reminded of that quote. At the end of the day, people hardly ever remember what you said or did, but they definitely remember how you made them feel.

What I find interesting is that how we make others feel about themselves is generally a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.