Un-sequenced and Messy

Like most man made creations, education attempts to makes us believe in the sequential. You are sitting one day on your desk, thinking about a cool concept and voila! a great idea strikes, you think about it, make a lean business plan, make a product, secure funding if required and you’re on your way to being successful.

Or that you meet your spouse-to-be, fall in love at first sight at the “right time”, go on a few dates, ask him/her out, live in and then go on to live happily ever after.

Many more examples exist, like study hard, get a great job and live happily ever after.

Sequential and straight forward. Follow the process and you’ll get there. Perhaps it’s the influence of the industrial age and this love for a defined process that led to this.

The reality, as anybody who has started up a business, fallen in love or gotten a great job will tell you, is anything but this. Maybe you get lucky with one of these and actually end up having a simple sequential process but the norm is un-sequenced and really messy.

So, as much as you might love your agendas and schedules, it’s worthwhile remembering that getting to the essence of a conversation in a meeting between people often goes beyond the time allocated. That’s okay. Things aren’t perfect. Your better half doesn’t generally fall in love with you on schedule. Neither does your kid want to pee when you make that pee stop on the highway. It’s messy. It’s chaotic.

And it makes me marvel at the fact that as imperfect as the parts may be, we still have moments when life, the collection of these parts, is perfect.

Isn’t that a wonder?