Production vs Consumption – First Thing in the Morning

One of the habits that’s been on my mind as one ripe for change is my habit of waking up by looking at ‘Reeder’ and ‘Gmail’ on my iPhone. My excuse is that it is the easiest way to wake up with no snooze alarms.

Essentially, my excuse results in content consumption first thing in the morning.

Image Source: Rick

I remember a Seth Godin post from ages ago on the first thing you do when you sit down at your computer.

If you’re a tech company or a marketer, your goal is to be the first thing people do when they start their day. If you’re an artist, a leader or someone seeking to make a difference, the first thing you do should be to lay tracks to accomplish your goals, not to hear how others have reacted/responded/insisted to what happened yesterday.

It’s time to change this. Thanks Seth.