Bullish Optimism

I am bullish about a couple of things –

– If you work hard, stay focused and dedicated, good things always lie ahead.

– The best times ALWAYS lie ahead.

– You never peak. In fact, like U2 believed, you are always ‘arriving’ as a phenomenon.

– If you are building things for others… even if you don’t manage to change the world as you imagined it, you definitely changed yourself and made a dent that you likely cannot even see.

There’s probably a few more on the ‘bullish’ list. But, these 3 things I strongly believe.

Optimism, at the end of the day, is a world view after all. It’s a preference. It’s a belief system we pick. And this is how my belief system works.

I’ve come to believe that beliefs have the power to change more than we give them credit for. Think Steve Jobs. Think Henry Ford. We spend a lot of time ‘doing’ things and I find it’s vital to think about what we believe every once a while.

The ‘What’ derives itself from the ‘Why’ at the end of the day.

‎’Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering or doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not as you have planned, but that’s just how it’s meant to be.’