WLFJ Wednesdays – I need your help

Here’s an idea – I see blogs for start up CEOs, many blog posts for big company CEO’s on places like Harvard Business Review (“Have you tested your strategy lately?”), a few blogs for those amidst their careers but hardly ever see blogs or posts dedicated to juniors. Granted, there’s the occasional post about lessons from a great internship that I’ve seen go viral. But that’s about it.

And given roughly 0.000001% of us become Gates/Jobs/Zuckerberg in our late 20s, that leaves a whole bunch of us still learning the ropes at work as junior resources, rising up the ranks and taking on bigger responsibilities. And I know from my own ongoing learning experience that I would have loved to have simple actionable ideas that I could take to work.

So, that’s why I’ve decided to give WLFJ Wednesdays a shot. WLFJ = Work Lessons From a Junior.

In my case, this happens to be in a niche topic. Armed with less than 2 years of full time experience, 3 years of internship experiences in university – I have committed enough acts of stupidity to feel I’m in good place to focus on one actionable learning for us to take to work as juniors. ;-) Besides, what better way for me to re-learn?

Answering a few questions that might come up.

Isn’t the blog already about learnings from a junior? Sort of. They are often more generic. A lot of these could potentially moonlight as work learnings. But, then again, maybe not. I’m excited to talk about some of the basics that are taken for granted where juniors are concerned- emailing, meetings, social interaction with superiors etc etc

Why am I doing this? Two reasons – to learn myself and to share what I’ve learnt.

What about the audience of the blog that aren’t juniors? I’m hoping we will continue to have different perspectives in the comments and I’m hoping I will be told I am wrong, and corrected from time to time.

Who is a junior? Great question. I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter. Some of these learnings may apply to folks with a ton of great experience and some may not. If you can relate to it and learn from it as well, great. If you can’t, I hope you will share your point of view on how I can think about a problem/situation differently.

Those questions aside, I need your help.

Firstly, are there any specific topic requests?

Secondly, any cool name suggestions? If you have suggestions that are a tad cooler than WLFJ, I would much appreciate that.