Crack a Joke when Annoyed

Of late, I’m working very hard on a simple idea  – crack a joke when I’m annoyed.

These days, I’m more aware than ever before on when my buttons are most likely to be pushed and many a time, I see it coming. Yet, I still let my annoyance show.

I don’t believe in screaming and yelling when annoyed. They don’t help any situation. I end up either letting out a sarcastic comment or just resort to expressing my annoyance by repeatedly telling the other person why I’m so incredibly annoyed. Neither of these are helpful either.

This happens most often when I’m devoid of sleep or just mentally tired.

The other big source of annoyance is when I feel hurt at a soft spot i.e. an insecurity covered duly by my ego. I’m able to catch these situations easier these days and let them go. Nevertheless, there is the rare occasion when something hits a soft spot when I’m tired! (i.e. a double wham!)

I have great admiration for those who manage to shake off annoyances with wit and move on. So, of late, I’ve been working on a simple approach – crack a joke or find a funny quote when I’m annoyed. I reckon my success rate is around 10%. But it’s one of those things I’m working to get better at.

Here’s to a sense of humour, a major defence for minor troubles!

‘Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humour was provided to console him for what he is.’