Infinite Inspirations

I decided to call today’s post Infinite Inspirations as that is the name of a lovely blog that my friend blogs on. I was checking her last few posts out today and felt very inspired by a video she shared that reminded me that there were indeed infinite inspirations out there. Seek, and we shall find.

I was reminded of a story from John Lennon’s life this morning as I was reflecting on a post on a friend’s blog. I’m not entirely sure if this is real or fictional but I thought I’d share it anyway. When he was a 2nd grader, they were sent home with assignments to think about what they wanted to be when they grow up. They were supposed to write this on a piece of paper. The entire class did. Many others put in glamorous professions, spoke of wealth and prosperity.

John’s answer was simple though – be happy was all his note said. His teacher said he didn’t understand the exercise.

He walked away feeling she didn’t understand life..

That story brings me to this brilliant video..

Life is short. 
Love it. Live it. 
Happy Friday!