Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving

Today is celebrated as ‘Thanksgiving’ Day in the US. Being Indian, I don’t generally celebrate thanksgiving but regulars here know I’m a sucker for the friendship, mothers, fathers, teachers day etc. I think it’s nice to be able to pause, take stock and give thanks – in this case, reflect on the past year even. There is so much to be happy about.

There are 3 sets of people I would like to give thanks to today.

My support system or Framily (i.e. Friends + Family – You heard it here first. :)). I have a post coming on this soon. I’d like to thank these wonderful folks who keep me going. I actually managed to prepare ahead of thanksgiving this year and send out small handwritten Thank You notes. That was a fun project that kept me a work an extra hour every day. I experienced the joy of writing again and I also realized how painful it can be as it takes incredibly long to get across what seems so little. I also realized that, unlike in the computer, you can’t get away with copy pasting. Hence, every note is distinctly personal. It was a wonderful experience.. and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My Teachers. Albert, a fellow blogger, lead the way this morning by giving thanks to teachers who made a difference in his life. And that struck a chord with me too. I’ve been fortunate to have had many wonderful teachers – in school, in university and otherwise. Many of my colleagues have doubled up as teachers as well. And, in many ways, my framily has played a massive role in this process as well.

To all those who didn’t give up on me, thank you. I’m very grateful. :)

You. Thank you for being a big part of this experience. I’ve learnt an incredible amount thanks to blogging. Life has changed in many ways. I find it filled with opportunities. I seem to have slowly made a habit of seeing the opportunity and upside instead of the downside – all thanks to you. It’s nice to know thanks to our friends, Google Analytics and Feedburner, that you are reading these posts. And thanks to all of you who choose to drop by and weigh in with your own learnings and comments every once in a while.

I think this will be an amazing journey and I’m very hopeful, as I’ve said many times , that we will create a  learning movement that will impact many many millions around the world. All in good time though. And all thanks to you for making it work. There’s a reason I chose to blog vs write a personal diary. And you make it feel very worthwhile.

Thank you, in short, to everyone I’ve been fortunate to meet, interact and learn from.

It’s 6.37 in the morning on a chilly day here, and it’s time to head for some exercise. It’s a wonderful day. And a wonderful world. And I’m looking forward to it!

Thank you, God.

‘I love the whole world and all the sights and souunds. Boom de ya da.. Boom de ya da..’