Files on Dropbox

Recently, I just migrated all my files onto Dropbox. Well, almost all, I still keep my music outside of it and a few other larger file chunks. It’s been part of my setup over the past few months and as a result, I’ve stopped doing monthly back ups and the like.

However, like most things, I’d almost forgotten about it.

I’m doing a workshop today at LSE on ‘Approaching Killer Presentations’. Regulars would recognize this from a workshop I’d done at my alma mater at NUS 2 months ago.

And I was just getting my presentation folder ready and getting the small details in place day before yesterday when all of a sudden, a thought crossed my mind – ‘What if something bad happened to my laptop? I don’t have any back ups on any of my external devices.’

‘Crap’ I said for a second, in panic.

That’s when I remembered that all my files were backed up on Dropbox and I could access this anywhere I wanted. I was thinking of back ups out of habit.

I heaved a sigh of relief. And I was reminded of the importance of services that allow us to sleep well at night. This is definitely one of them.

My Outlook doesn’t this yet. While I could argue that all my emails are backed up on Gmail anyway, I’m hoping Outlook will do it too. I love Outlook too much to switch. Bring on the abuse. ;-)