Stopping Censorship

You might have noticed the black block on the logo that says ‘Stop Censorship.’

There are a couple of bills being discussed in the US government that have been causing a huge uproar across the tech world. We’ve been having these discussions on AVC every day.

It took a while before I understood the furore. And this video is what enabled the understanding.. It’s a useful 4 minute watch.

Essentially, we have large media company’s that are working on lobbying the government to police the internet and sue smaller companies for showing copyrighted content. 
Today, as a result, I’m dedicating my post to the American Censorship Day. 
The world of the internet is so connected that anything that impacts the US is likely to impact everyone of us. Besides, practically, every web service I use also has it’s origins and operations in the US. 
So, this one’s for the Davids taking on the Goliath (i.e. the big media lobbyists in Hollywood). I did mention in my biases that I would always side with the entrepreneurs and this one, as a result, was right up my alley. 
One of the better lines I heard in the discussion was ‘The internet is like water: Try to grab it and it slips through your fingers’

Let’s hope the congress remembers that. :)