How do you treat your body?

Our body is one amazingly engineered system. If we ever want inspiration for designing systems, there can be few better examples. Consider the wonderful warning systems we have in place –
1. When we’re feeling tired, it’s a signal to sleep
2. When we’re feeling gas-sy, it’s a signal to head to the bathroom
3. When our muscles pain, it’s time to lie down
4. When our stomach begins growling, it’s time to eat
And many more such little signals..
The big question is – do we pay attention to them?
We all know we need food every 4 hours (roughly), 8 hours of sleep every night (90% of us), aerobic exercise every other day atleast – but how many of us do it?
And my guess is that the better we treat our incredible machine, the better we do.. in whatever do.
I have hardly ever come across an unfit/unsuccessful successful person. (no matter what the field).