The Big Action Challenge Report Card: A Paradigm Shifter

I had blogged about ‘The Big Action Challenge’ 3 or so weeks ago. This was thanks to a newsletter from Robin Sharma suggesting 17 steps to double my productivity.
Here below is a detailed report card on how I did –
(Click to enlarge)
Now, the toughest part of this was the ‘Wake up at 5am’. In truth, 5am became 530am but this in itself was a paradigm shifter. I have been an ‘owl’ all through my life – ever since my 8th grade in school, my only life saver during exams was the night prior to the exam. During university, I learnt that the last minute doesn’t quite work so well. And now, I am learning that waking up in the morning is quite something else!
As I’ve mentioned in the card, I’ve managed it 3 out of 5 days every week i.e. 60% conversion rate which is not bad. Could it be better? Absolutely. The positives to take away are that I’m gradually getting into the habit of sleeping at 10pm or before. And I plan to improve this in time.
The benefits have been the positive –
– My mind is full of great ideas in the morning and running about and exercising gives me more time with them!
– Nothing like starting the day with exercise. Traveling to work feels great!
– A little bit of Caffeine is good for the brain. And now I generally start my day with a morning coffee. Never drank coffee previously..
– I get to work on my blog etc before getting to work..
– The days are MUCH more productive.
For evidence, here is a look at the week’s scores from my R15 system
Week 65: M, T and T are 5am days
Week 66: M, W, F are 5am days
Week 67: Vacation!
Week 68: M, T are 5am days. And I can bet today’s score will be higher than the 17.5 I made yesterday.
(This is aside from the fact I raised my daily target from 16 points-18points – which already felt like quite a stretch!)
This exercise has been a real paradigm shifter and I am looking forward to keeping it for life. Let’s see how it goes!
Stay inspired. And have a great Friday!
Update here: I was right. Today WAS super productive. The score would be ’24’ – a clear winner!