The Tale of 3 Restaurants

I have 3 restaurants closest to my place –

1. Al Arez (Lebanese):
I assume the staff training manual here must say –
a) Never smile at a customer
b) Always pretend to be busy.. ALWAYS
c) Always behave like you’re doing the customer a big favor
2. Slemani (Iraqi Kurdish – yes, I’m near Edgware Road for those who recognize it)
Here the manual is slightly different –
a) Look down upon customers
b) Make them feel stupid
c) Don’t just look down.. be arrogant while you can
3. Mahal (Bangladeshi owned Indian)
Here, we have..
a) DON’T make eye contact with your customer. IF you smile, look elsewhere (see below)
b) Don’t smile.
c) Be disinterested
I have abandoned 2 but I still get food from 1 and 3.
Why? Because of proximity.
It’s amazing how my threshold to take crap increases thanks to convenience. Unfortunately, thanks to many customers like me, these service providers forget how far simple courtesies go.

The big learning here – Whenever you build a business, make sure you are easily accessible and score high on the proximity scale. That’s why businesses with top notch and easily accessible customer service always run out winners!