On Mojo’s

Have you noticed that star athletes always tend to have unique pre-match habits/mojo’s? Some examples are –

– Michael Jordan always wore his North Carolina Tar Heels shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck
– Wade Boggs (Baseball) believed he played best when he ate chicken before a game and earned the nickname “Chicken Man.”
– Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar always wears his batting gloves only after stepping onto the field and never in the dressing room
– Chelsea and England football defender John Terry has a whole host of habits including his insistence to sit in the same seat in the team bus and listening to the same pre- match music.

Robin Sharma (in ‘The Greatness Guide’) suggests we create our own ‘Mojo’/ our set of habits that help boost our performance.

Inspired by this, I began writing my daily list of learnings, blessings, goals, big dreams, ‘die by midnight’ and commitment to myself followed by signing off on the commitment with a flourish. And I have indeed found this a very positive way to start my day.

Do you have any mojo’s yourself? :)