Will this even matter in 10 years?

Some events are great levelers. Failure, for example, is one. You could be flying really high thanks to some recent success and then wham!. Failure makes us reflect, makes us understand ourselves better – and is a great leveler.

I find the ‘Will this even matter in 10 years’ question a great leveler too. I believe that life is just a long bumpy road with many picturesque views. For every picturesque view, there are a multitude of bumps and ditches. We have many co passengers in the journey – our parents to begin with, then friends, colleagues, spouse, kids etc. And of course, we have the all important choice – to be happy, or not. There is always enough to complain, always enough to get us down – so finding happiness is not all that easy. We only make it tougher for ourselves when we let small things get to us.
Like this morning, when I saw something that pricked a bit of the happiness balloon. Being my reflective day of the week, I thought myself to sleep. (if there ever existed a phrase) And when I woke up, for some reason – I asked myself the ‘Will this even matter in 10 years’. ‘Not a chance’ was the answer that came right back.
Bam! Decision taken. No looking back.
So, I smiled, woke up and decided to blog about it.