‘Don’t expect’ is a tenet I’ve heard from time to time. The logic is simple of course – ‘if you don’t expect, you don’t get disappointed.’

In my humble opinion, it would take the joy out of life.
Imagine walking into an important meeting without the anxiousness that comes with expectation. Imagine walking out after a great meeting feeling numb.
Imagine receiving THAT call saying the ‘deal is done’/’you got the job’ and just smiling contented.
Why, of course, you had no expectations.
Imagine making a pass at a woman/man and then not bothering to look at his/her reaction?
Isn’t expectation that makes romance memorable? Isn’t expectation what builds into ‘hope’ – that wonderful emotion that helps keep our heads up during tough times? Isn’t that what inspired Gandhi? Isn’t that what inspired Victor Frankl in that tough concentration camp?
If you didn’t expect, would you bother hoping?
More questions than answers. One thing is certain, I am not cut out for the ‘ascetic’ life that involves meditation in the mountains. I love people too much.. and I find expectations to be wonderful things – through them, you taste failure and success, love and disgust, sadness and happiness – through them, you taste life.