Don’t rush – Learning from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie

I’m sure you’ve been to one of the Harry Potter movies. Except for probably the 1st and the 6th movies, most movies have tended to feel like a rushed, badly compiled summary of the overall plot.

The genius in the books (in my humble opinion) are the details! And the 7th book was fantastic in the sense that J.K.Rowling brilliantly tired all the loose ends from the previous 6 books. And the fact that the 1st part of the 7th movie was well-paced, spent adequate time at some of the key parts of the book was more of a relief given the overwhelming sense of disappointment I’ve felt after some of the other movies. (Particularly 5 and 3).

While the decision to split Book 7 into 2 movies might have been commercially motivated, I’ve always believed that most of the Harry Potter books could have done with the split because this movie FINALLY gives details in the book the respect they deserve. And that, to a fan, translates to true gratification and joy.

A big lesson here from the 7th book for me – Don’t rush, hurry and just try to present a snapshot when the details in the idea may really be the reason for the greatness in the idea. Slow down, enjoy the details..

Enjoy the 7th movie fellow fans!