My day yesterday was reasonably nice but for some reason, I was low energy the whole day. Maybe the thrill of being back in Singapore was beginning to wear out.

This morning seemed to start slow and reading the last 20 minutes of Guns, Germs and Steel already did wonders to my energy. And then I began reading ‘Freakonomics’ and I was already beginning to feel very good.

What energized me most was to look at a whole library of audio books and pick about 20 books that interested me for download and I haven’t been able to stop myself from peeking into my phone to check if all books are downloaded.

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of titles with many war stories, many insightful concept books etc etc. I’m looking forward to reading them and share book learnings of course.

Books single handedly turned my day from a normally ‘good’ to ‘fantastic’.

So, have you been reading lately? If not, do let me know how I can help with the process. Once you get past the initial inertia, it’s a journey that’s nothing but super positive!