Break the day into segments..

The last week or so on project in the middle east has been pretty intense. We typically wake up in the morning around 6:30, are in the office by 8 and are only back around 7:30.

So, all in all, the day can get pretty daunting as it is it typically without any ‘regimented’ breaks. You take breaks when you have to, or don’t at all.

I’ve decided to do it differently though breaking the day into 1 and half hour blocks which look like this –

8-830: Meet, plan etc
830-10: Action time 1
10-1015: Break..
1015-11:45: Action time 2
1145-12: Break

And so on until the end of the day.

I’ve suddenly found a rise in productivity today simply because I take the day segment at a time and I’m trying to maximize my productivity during these short sessions.

Think of it like having 5 deadlines in a day instead of 1 deadline. And voila, it feels so much better!