140 countries done, 52 to go..

Today, I learnt how different people are, as it was my pleasure to get to know a colleague who has been to 140 countries. And this is by no means 1 day in and out, he’s spent 5 out of his last 10 years traveling (i.e. he spends half his year as a management consultant and the remaining half traveling). And he is only 33..

I found this extremely inspirational – not the fact that he had gone to 140 countries but the fact that he had the courage to come out of his lucrative full time consulting gig, start out as a freelancer and live his dream. That takes a lot of guts and courage and that is once again, truly inspiring! He plans to write a book about his travels everywhere (literally) when he finishes the list in 2012.

He promised to show me his map where he’s marked the countries he’s traveled and I’m looking forward to taking a pic and posting it here. Coming soon..

On a slightly different note, having a travel friendly passport definitely helps as well. For example, being German, he takes many a weekend trip that I (having an Indian passport) can’t quite take. So, well.. it helps being born in Western Europe if you have travel around the world goals. But again, taking nothing away from his tenacity.. :)