Self Help books..

Today, thanks to a few triggers over the past few days, I began to wonder why many tend to be so averse to self help books..

Is it a fear that sets in during our the teenage years thanks to peer groups who advise us not to conform?

Or are we scared that we would be attracted or influenced by a ‘common’ point of view?

Or are we afraid we would lose our identity and not be unique any more?

Let’s face it.. A book can only change so much. If it does end up changing our lives to a large degree, then it means we really liked it and it means it was worth it – so why worry?

And if it didn’t, its just an idea that we didn’t take to, which is fine as well..

The one thing I have realized is that many a management or self help book is not meant to be just read. Many are meant to be studied – it’s similar to understanding a culture in depth, we need to be open to a new way of thought before we can figure out what we like and what we don’t and then, what we want to use in our lives and what we don’t.

It requires a large degree of openness..

To me, saying I stay away from self help books would be akin to saying I’d like to stay away from inspiring people – after all, they demand all my attention and they actually require me to act on their advice, can you believe that?

Books, travel and people – our only exposure sources inn the world. Let’s get exposed then! :)

We have very little time with people..

.. Really!

I just waved goodbye to my mother this morning. And I was struck by how fast time went by. I’d landed home two months ago to this day and it felt like I had ages ahead to spend with her but it’s whizzed past.

The wonderful part was that, for a change, I did spend the majority of my time at home. And that felt great.. But however, saying goodbye is never easy – especially to someone so special. And I guess it is the thought of it being the last big vacation (the joys of student life..) that also made it tough.

All in all, what I’ve realized is that we have very very very minimal time with people we love. It is very likely that the total time you and I have left with someone who means the world to us is just a few hours (net quality time spent) which brings me to wonder as to why we take life for granted at all.. :-)

Time to spread the love with lots of hugs and kisses, eh..

While I was with Mom, I did learn a lot as always. 3 things that stood out..

1) Inherent curiosity: I feel that’s probably what separates adults from children. The moment we feel ‘we kow’, the curiosity that we’d generally harbor dies! And that’s when we grow old. That’s the secret to Mom’s eternal youth..

2) Enthusiasm: I love people with passion as they make me come alive. That’s why I enjoy spending time with Mom. Together, we are always plotting one adventure after another.

3) Taking ourselves lightly: As were talking, we remembered the quote ‘Dont take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive

A flurry of activity..

-> Took my 2nd GMAT and done this time once and for all – debrief coming through.

-> Moved into a new place and spent the first few hours unpacking. The relief at the end of it was brilliant! :)

-> Learnt so much from Mom in her stint here.

-> Missed a Singapore time good morning quote. A Hawaiian time Good morning coming up soon I hope..

-> A flurry of tasks left to be done during the day today.

-> And nice special personal time coming in the evening! :)

Here’s to my last day as a non-working professional! :)

Rushing inevitably leads to mistakes..

By now, thanks to a decent aware of self awareness, I am very aware that I’m rushing when I am (which is HUGE improvement compared to before)

But even then, my mental guards are not up for mistakes..

And they happen all the time..

Should have more mental checkpoints..

Rushing doesn’t save time.. More time is lost in the clean up of the mistakes caused when rushing.

Big learning!

Our body parts giving us life lessons..

We have two eyes and just one tongue, which means we need to look twice and talk once.

We have 2 ears and just one mouth, so we need to listen more than we talk.

We have two hands and one stomach, so we need to work twice as much as we eat.

We have two major brain parts, the left and the right, and one heart, so we can think twice but love only once.

Isn’t it amazing that our body parts remind us how to live right?

Thanks to Val..

Thinking it away..

This is a continuation of the overwhelmed post.

Here is what really worked..

1) Took a long walk with a football (kicking a ball helps!)

2) Picked each problem one at a time and took one action to make it get better.

This process took 2 hours and it helped big time! 3 out of the 5 solved itself within the next 24 hours. 2 to go now.. :)

Have a nice day! :)

Resolving an overwhelmed state in 4 steps..

I hate using the S word to describe being overwhelmed. I’m just going back to a post I’d written about being overhwhelmed here.

With some changes to my previous

1) WRITE down all that’s bugging me into a white piece of paper
2) Pick out simple next steps to improve the situations in each of the following
3) Prioritize..
4) Start slow and focus!

The point is that if we are overwhelmed, it means we are stretched and being stretched is good because ‘we don’t grow in normal‘..

So there you go.. Here’s to a better process..