The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma – Idea rich!

One of the disadvantages of having an archaic phone whose headphone cords don’t work is you can’t listen to audio in places with close proximity to public. As a result, I had to take a book along and thank god I took this one..

3 things that struck me:

1) The book is ‘idea rich‘! Lots and lots of ideas in byte sized chapters (no more than 3 pages). Every page has a nice little anecdote and a quote that makes for very entertaining read. Who says management books can’t be page turners?

2) I found the book to be very very reflective. It caused me to stop at many points and actually think of what I would do in situations, what I am doing right now, whether what I plan to do makes sense, whether I am actually focusing on the priorities etc. Every once a while, it is nice picking up a book like this. I have jotted down a whole bunch of new ideas to reflect on in the next few days, a whole bunch of quotes(like the Anita Roddick one today morning) to share on this blog and what’s more, I think I’ve found a new blog to subscribe to. If his blog is anywhere as close as his book, it should be well worth it!

3) We’re all destined to be great! Let’s just not shrug, make excuses and look for alibis. Our schedule tells the true story. What are we REALLY spending time on? A schedule never lies.. are we setting ourselves up for greatness?

There’s enough out there for all of us. So, let’s start pulling each other up! :)