The Blind Side – Loved the movie!

Caught the movie ‘Blind Side’ on flight today. Loved it! It’s just the kind of movie I love watching – inspirational, family based and what’s more – it’s based on a sport!

Blind Side is the movie which got Sandra Bullock the Oscar for Best Actress. She plays the role of a well to do white mom who adopts a (huge) black homeless kid studying in her kids’ school and the story of how this kid with potential becomes a great football (The American one..) player. Based on a true story..

3 things that struck me..

1) Every one of us is insanely good at something. This kid, Michael, flopped all diagnostic tests but scored in the 97 percentile in ‘Protective instincts‘. Bullock harnessed this strength to bring out his fierce side and make him an incredible football player..

2) It’s all about family. Enough said.. :)

3) It’s important to give first. Bullock played a life-changing role in Michael’s life. It was a challenge to get to know him though -‘like an onion, you have to peel one layer at a time‘. She gave the relationship her all. The results were, of course, life-changing!