Behind every successful show..

there is lots of preparation..

Man Utd didn’t just thrash Celtic because they had great players. They worked hours over training and their great players became great because they were among those who backed their talents with years of meticulous preparation. They say the best players walk, talk and eat with a football. That’s what it takes to be the ‘best’..

Balance from the one above..

We have so many things against us(or with us..depending on perspective.. I personally like the thought of fighting against adversities more than not.. so..:D)..

thank god we have mom’s.. they make sure all is in balance..
eternal supporters and lots of love.. lucky are we who have our mother’s with us.. :)

2 types of stress..

positive stress and negative stress..

‘stress’ is in itself a negative word.. but lets get real..we are all prone to stress..its reality..
understandably.. positive is when you just feel like ploughing through everything on your task list. negative is when you are too worried to do anything..
and obviously..negative is worse etc etc..
this is about one small way to calm negative stress down..
play inspiring/fun music.. i’ve found ‘accidentally in love'(shrek 2 soundtrack by counting crows) to be super cool prior to exams.. snow(red hot chilli papers) is also pretty cool.. lots and lots of such tracks.. just 2 that came to my mind(snow..probably because am listening to it now!:)) :)