Orville and Wilbur Wright..

said there were two ways you could learn how to ride a horse –

one is by jumping on the horse and falling and learning..and doing so again..
the other is by standing on the field and analyzing how it is done..
they had reached a point of time when they realized that the existing researched data on aviation at their time was wrong but how could that be? It was written by the most prolific scientists and agreed by many others.. how could they – 2 kids who hadn’t even had much formal education to speak of even doubt the credibility of that kind of research?
they decided to keep jumping, falling and learning.. and thanks to them – we have a Airbus A380 today..

When Benjamin Franklin helped write various..

political documents once America received independence, the only reason people used to double check what he wrote was because they were scared he would slip in a joke..

the great man’s greatest asset was his wit and his ability to laugh at himself..
lets not forget that he crammed being a legendary scientist, diplomat, inventor, politician, printer, artist etc in 86 years of life…