You must want the ball a lot more to play well..

One of the better things I do is play soccer 5 times a week. If I can keep this habit of mine up, I should be able to play soccer when am 60 – which is something I definitely want to do. It is truly amazing to see the 50+ year olds play soccer on Saturdays and Sundays – especially 3 of them who have played the game together for 44 years, and one of whose sons(25 himself) plays as well! There’s almost no need to look outside of the playing field for fitness role models..

One of these is a very cool bloke by name Jackie from whom I’ve learnt some very basic footballing lessons from time to time. I enjoy playing with him because he is a natural leader, a fantastic player who could outplay many a university student on the hard courts despite being 30+ years older! Being a natural leader, he teaches all the time and tells everyone on his team as to what he/she’s done wrong. And there was this one instance in the game yesterday when I reached for the ball but felt I couldn’t reach it and let it go and ran after to throw it to the other team’s goal keeper. That’s when Jackie said loudly, with his trademark grin -‘You got to want the ball a LOT more than that to get it – only if you WANT it can you GET it!’

Changed my performance in the game yesterday, it did…

Gave me a crucial learning for today that could change my life, he did..

Thanks Jackie!