The Frog Story

Its amazing how a forward can actually have a positive impact! I think the only thing that stopped me from forwarding it was the ‘forward it to x people… ‘ line

Anyway – the gist..The tiny frogs of an area were having a competition. They had to climb the top of a tall tower. There was a huge crowd of onlookers – none of whom believed the frogs could actually conquer the top of the tower. The race began and there was always the odd loud onlooker who laughed at the tiny ones and another who shouted – ‘don’t bother, this can’t be done’ etc etc.

In the race, one by one, frogs quit out of tiredness till it was down to just 5 frogs to climb the top. Now was the climbing bit and the crowd’s jeering and requests to quit(as they genuinely believed it to be impossible!) had its due effect on all but one. The other frogs were obviously curious to know how this guy defied the odds and made it.And it turned out… that he was deaf..

I would go a long way if I learnt this. Many a time I have felt the effects of just this. There are times I have reacted with anger, still other times my ego has helped try and get me do better but the worst are a huge percentage of these times when I have been affected and actually let it get to me..

I guess Nike’s the way to go then.. :)