Ayn Rand’s Great Gift..

I really enjoyed reading ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand and I think the underlying concept in the book helped me a great deal. My biggest learning, and hence application, from that book(and a few other similar concepts involved) is that the world is made of 3 kinds of people –

The first handers or the ones who create, the second handers or the ones who use/utilize and the third handers or the ones who destroy. My greatest learning out of this (having been all of these at different points of time) is that I can make a permanent settlement into one of these and thats just a choice I need to make.

However, thanks to Ayn Rand and a few other wiser people I have been lucky to meet, I was made aware of the clear line between the creator, the user and the destroyer. And the rest of life would be an effort not to be the third. Just a follow up to the frog story – it’ll probably help me understand because unlike the frog, I am not deaf..

A quote I love – ‘Leave everything a little better than you found it..’

(Note: The second hander category(from Ayn Rand’s classification) has been split for my own understanding..)