The top driver

There are many variables that contribute to our energy on any given day. The quality and type of food we eat, the kind of work/activity we have planned, the quality and quantity of our sleep, and so on.

However, instead of focusing on getting all of them in place, we get disproportionate benefit from focusing on the top driver.

Assuming quantity of sleep is the top driver, there are a lot of associated benefits. On most days, quantity of sleep is likely to translate to quality. And, since we’ll operate with higher energy when we’re awake, it is likely we’ll make better choices through the day.

A focus on the top driver creates forward momentum that makes it easier to focus on the subsequent drivers.

“One metric that matters” is as much about focus as it is about identifying and acting on the top driver. The more we can focus on identifying and acting on the top driver (or in rare cases, two top drivers), the more effective we’ll be.