Solve or surface

The best thing we can do is to solve the problem.

Sometimes, however, solving the problem is outside our control. In these situations, the best thing we can do is find the problem – i.e., provide clarity on the nature of the problem and surface the issues that led to the problem in the first place.

Complaining, it turns out, is never the right answer.

That energy is always best redirected to one of the above.

Involving others in solving problems

There are pros and cons to involving others in solving problems. There are two quotes that represent both sides of the argument. The first is “many hands make light work.” And, the second is “too many cooks spoil the broth.”

Both of these quotes focus on┬áthe work itself. And, they’re both right depending on the context.

However, of late, I’ve found another interesting benefit when involving others – luck. Sometimes, solving problems requires a bit of luck; it involves an accidental find or a flash of insight that cracks the problem. And, over the past few months, I’ve found myself in situations where a little bit of extra luck went a long way in solving a tricky problem.

Every once a while, it is better to be lucky than good. And, when we feel we’re running out of luck, involving others can help turn the tide.